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Banner Ad campaigns

To us, every banner ad is an opportunity to grab your Consumer’s attention, engage them and drive them to action. Over the years we have created online ads for many great brands including the entire Labatt portfolio of beer brands, BlackBerry, Manulife, George Brown College, chatr Wireless and many others. We take great pride in the powerful results that many of these campaigns have achieved.

Please click on the icons on the right to see a selection of banner ads that we have developed. The Smirnoff campaign for Lime and Cola drove an average user interaction time of 40 seconds, which is eons in the digital world. The ad had spinning records and expanded into a fully functioning mixer where Consumers could adjust the volume of the music tracks labeled “Vodka”, “Cola” and “Ice”. The BlackBerry + Blue Jays banner campaign has consistently driven a great number of coupon redemptions and as such, has been running for 3 years. Each year we update the ads with the latest devices, but the creative remains true to the original concepts.

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