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About Design 2.0

Design 2.0 is a digital creative company based in the Greater Toronto Area specializing in designing and building websites, banner ad campaigns, mobile app design and email campaigns.

The idea for 2.0 came to us way back in 1999 – near the end of the dot com bubble – as companies struggled to make sense of this new medium. We knew that the web could be more than just a static duplication of traditional work on a computer screen, but it took a while for the technology to catch up and for the world to catch on. Now, this incredible digital universe has unlimited possibilities, power and influence in today’s world. Our job is to bring your brand to life online and help explore those possibilities.

We work closely with our clients and agency partners to truly understand your Brand and your business objectives so that we can develop powerful creative solutions that really work.

Design 2.0 is a completely virtual company with a core staff of Senior people. We have a rich network of talented specialists that we work with as needed to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Rick BrownRICK BROWN, President and Chief Creative Officer
Rick is probably best known for creating’s “Virtual Bartender” which became a viral sensation all over the World. He began his career working in traditional advertising as an art director/designer at some of Canada’s most notorious agencies including Vickers & Benson and The Brainstorm Group. He has been focused on digital for over 14 years and has a wealth of experience in a wide variety of categories including: technology, financial, telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, beverage and sports.


Associate Creative Director
Hoejin has worked in the digital design world for more than 10 years and is a true artist in every sense of the word. Her incredible work graces all of our Client’s websites and is always the highlight of every creative meeting. If there were a secret ingredient to our beautiful work, Hoejin is it.


Director of Interactive
Chelsey was born into digital chaos. She is the calm in our storm and the reason that we are able to produce incredible work on time and on budget. Chelsey is a rare person in the interactive world in that her first reaction to any request is never “No.” She always tries to find a way to make things happen. Chelsey will be your main point of contact as creative people should very rarely be seen or heard.

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